Love Praise Church of Christ (LPCC):


Weekly Meetings


Bible Study: 5pm to 6pm


Prayer Meeting: 5pm to 6pm

Fridays and Saturdays

Free Adult Learn to Read Classes: 10am to 1pm


Main Service: 12.30pm to 2.30pm


Love Praise Services (LPS)





Welcome and thank you for visiting Love Praise Church of Christ online ( We believe that it is not by accident that you are here and that the Lord has something special for you as you browse through our site. 

We run community focused events including feeding the community, giving them social support, encouragement and help to overcome life’s challenging issues through practical, educational and biblical teachings from the Bible. 

The aim of our events is to offer the people of the community; men, women, elderly and children of all ethnic background, a safe place to come to receive help and support, a listening ear for the discouraged and depressed, food for those who do not have, weekend activities and entertainment for children and encouragement and hope to overcome and to be positive about the future.

Our new two days a week, free adult learn to read classes, opens the door for the less privileged adults to be educated for personal and employment benefits. Please contact us with your interest as it is never too late to learn.

Our local outreach effort includes door-to-door evangelism and street evangelism. Our national and international outreach effort involves partnering with other churches across the country and the world to aid and encourage evangelism in order to bring in the harvest of men, women and children for Christ. Please contact us with your details if you wish to partner with us. Thank you.

Love Praise Church of Christ is a charity registered in Nigeria and in the United Kingdom.